Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Marks and Spencer Spirit of Summer Milk Chocolate Smothered Crunchy Jumbo Salted Corn

Although Spirit of Summer at M&S is on its way out now, I managed to grab a couple bits from the range before they disappear including these chocolate coated pieces of salted corn. Sweet and savoury is something that really works for me with chocolate coated pretzels being one of my favourite treats. I’ve seen pretty favourable reviews of these including at Kev’s Snack Reviews so felt they were a pretty safe bet.

I was surprised by how big the actual pieces are. It says jumbo on the pack but from the image they show on pack, I was expecting chocolate raisin sized pieces – they are a lot bigger than that, almost the size of malteasers. They smelt really chocolatey as soon as I opened the bag and I imagined the chocolate would be pretty good as M&S do a decent milk chocolate that is not overly sweet and nice and creamy. It uses their exclusive British milk chocolate recipe and considering only 19% of the product is the salted corn, they are very generously coated in thick chocolate.

Initially when I bit I was a little disappointed as the salted corn is quite small and actually fairly hard and crunchy rather than a more softer popcorn texture I was expecting. However, they become curiously moreish and addictive and once you’ve had a couple, it’s very hard to stop eating them.

It’s not really that salty but it does work against the creamy, sweet chocolate very well and because the corn is so crispy and crunchy against the melt in the mouth chocolate you also get a good mix of texture as well flavour. The chocolate is really gorgeous and pairs nicely against a salted snack but the salted corn isn’t the best vehicle for a savoury/sweet mish mash as I still prefer chocolate pretzels or even chocolate crisps. Like I said these are seriously addictive and very enjoyable and I’m glad I got a chance to try them but I’ve tasted nicer chocolate coated savoury items.
Bought at: Marks and Spencer
Nutrition per 1/3 bag: 259 calories
Score: 7/10

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