Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Waitrose Scottish Raspberry Yoghurt

I don't really buy that many yoghurts beyond plain or Greek. I tend to eat them more for breakfast rather than buying fruity or indulgent ones as a snack or treat. Whilst yoghurts are nice, I just don't see them as ever being decadent or luxurious enough for this purpose. However, I was in the mood for something sweet for a dessert tonight that wasn't too bad so decided to give this Waitrose Scottish Raspberry Yoghurt a go.

Ingredients wise, it's certainly quality. The milk is from the West Country as is the 12% whipped cream for a touch of luxury. It also contains 18% actual Scottish raspberries rather than relying on fake, synthetic flavoring or artificial sweeteners. Whilst it may not be a healthy choice as such due to the cream and sugar, at least it is all natural, real food that you recognise. And I would rather eat a higher calorie and fat product that's real than a fake substitute that probably won't deliver.

And this really delivers. Just peeling off the lid you can smell the authentic raspberries and there's lots of little pieces studded throughout the pretty pink yoghurt.

The texture is absolutely sublime. Maybe it's because I haven't eaten this kind of yoghurt for so long but I was really impressed by the creaminess. The texture is thick but not set, making it lusciously smooth. It tastes so decadent and rich with the fat providing a delicious mouthfeel.

The raspberries shine through too. It doesn't taste sickly sweet like other raspberry flavoured yoghurts and is fruity and fresh. The portion is just right - leaving you totally satisfied and like you've had a treat but not stuffed or guilty.

This has really changed my opinion of luxury yoghurts and I'll definitely consider these for more midweek desserts.

Price: 80p
Available: Waitrose

Pros: Creamy, indulgent, natural, a proper dessert experience
Cons: Obviously not as healthy as plain yoghurt

Score: 8/10

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