Saturday, 9 August 2014

Walker's Emma G's Chip Shop Chicken Curry Crisps (Do us a flavour)

There are certainly a lot of reviews out at the moment for the new limited edition Walker's flavours created by members of the public so I decided it was time to get in with the hype and try a pack out.

I went for the chip shop chicken flavour, created by Emma G. To be honest it's the first packet of Walker's I've had in years. I prefer hard, crunchy ‘proper crisps' like Kettle or Tyrell's so these limited editions are good in that they've encouraged me to try Walker's again. I love a gimmick!

Pouring them out, I was pretty impressed by the amount in a bag. It seemed a pretty decent amount and kept me satisfied. For all the promise of chip shop chicken curry, the smell really didn't really evoke this. Granted, it smelt like curry powder but didn't match the creamy and rich tones of a curry.

Taste wise, it didn't really match up to my expectations either. They were pleasant enough but pretty mild and bland. There were subtle chicken undertones but nothing different to standard chicken Walker's crisps. Mostly, it was just curry powder flavour and one without any heat or intensity either.

I did quite enjoy these but not enough to buy again and I don't think this will be the winner's flavour.

Pros: Bit different
Cons: Underwhelming

Score: 6.5/10

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