Sunday, 31 August 2014

Waitrose Seriously Creamy Stem Ginger Ice Cream

These delicious beauties are one of the most indulgent treats I've had in a very long time. They're a little pricey and pretty unhealthy but so delectable economics and waist lines don't even enter the decision.

Dark chocolate and ginger is probably my favourite flavour combination. I love strong, intense taste experiences, so two very distinct flavours in one product makes for a lovely balance. If you like the dark chocolate and ginger biscuits you can buy you'll love these.

When I opened the pack, I was very surprised, if not a little overwhelmed, by the sheer size of them. They might be £2.99 but you certainly get a lot for your money. As such, they're 300ish calories each with around 30g sugar per stick. However, I suppose this is the same as a lot of chocolate bars and because of their size they last a lot longer and you feel more satisfied.

And these are worth every calorie. Creamy, cool, melt in the mouth ice cream is swirled with a spicy, sweet stem ginger sauce and encased in a shell of deep, dark chocolate with bits of ginger studded throughout for further explosions of flavour.

The sensation of shards of dark chocolate snapping in your mouth, followed by a cooling ice cream with the warmth of ginger is sublime. The flavours complement each other perfectly for a delicious dessert. I will definitely buy these again.

Score: 9/10

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