Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Walkers Paul's Pulled Pork in a sticky BBQ glaze crisps

Today it was time to try another of the Walker's limited edition 'Choose a flavour' range and as pulled Pork is one of my favourite foods, this seemed like a no brainer.

Just on the description alone, I imagine this flavour is polling quite strongly as pulled pork is so on trend now. It's certainly seems like a good match for crisps.

Unfortunately, whilst I loved the concept, like the chip shop curry flavour, it isn't executed that well. The flavour is mostly just sweet and actually quite like tomato ketchup crisps. There is some after taste that is meaty and savoury but it's only slightly of pork and not that obvious. Mostly, the taste is sweet with a bit of salt. It's not horrible by any means but it doesn't deliver what the description promises.

Looking at the list of flavourings in the ingredients, it seems these are quite cheap crisps. Walker's have good ideas but I imagine something like Tyrell's or Kettle would have delivered a more complex and truer representation.

Score: 6.5/10

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