Saturday, 9 August 2014

Waitrose Lemon and Sultana Danish

During my last trip to Waitrose, I was so impressed by the beautiful sweet treats at the patisserie counter. So many plump, juicy buns studded with fruit and elegant and sophisticated pastries. It was a tough choice but I eventually went for a lemon and sultana Danish. They looked so inviting with a generous serving size, an attractive swirly appearance and lots of visible lemon icing and juicy fruit.

Sorry, I even took a picture of the box from the Patisserie counter as I thought it was so beautiful. It makes just a simple cake feel like a premium gift from a boutique!

I took this back home and had it as an utterly indulgent treat with a cup of tea. And utterly indulgent is the only way to describe this. At over 500 calories, with 34g of sugar, this really is something that should be definitely filed under 'occasional treat'. But at the same time, it was so delicious I didn't feel remotely guilty. If you're going to splurge, make it on something worthwhile like this.

With real butter and high quality ingredients, this sublimely melts in the mouth, coating your tongue in a sweet, rich flavour with the fresh zest of lemons. It's sweet and naughty but not sickly and the bountiful inclusion of sweet, sticky, swollen sultanas add further bursts of sweet juiciness.

The pastry had the most beautiful texture. Fluffy, soft and unbelievably buttery. It was again rich and decadent. Sometimes Chelsea buns and this kind of pastry can be a bit bread and cake like but that certainly wasn't the case here. This was as good as anything from a real baker or patisserie and probably better than most too.

As I said, it is 500+ calories but you could easily split it across the two swirls and each would still be a good portion size. This easy so delicious though that I just ate the whole thing and just went to the gym a bit more instead!

Price: £1.35
Available: Waitrose

Pros: Generous portion size, great quality ingredients, rich, sweet and indulgent
Cons: Definitely not kind to your waistline

Score: 9/10

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