Friday, 15 August 2014

Rachel's Organic Rice Pudding

I'm a big fan of Rachel's yoghurts but have never got around to trying the rice pudding - mostly due to the fact I can usually only find it in 500g tubs, which is probably a bit much. However, upon finding a 150g individual portion, I finally got around to buying one.

Even before opening it, I was salivating at the thought of trying this. I find rice pudding such a simple treat. It's relatively natural and unprocessed and lower in sugar and fat than most puddings. Rachel's is also synonymous with high quality and simple ingredients and this is no exception. Just milk, rice, a very little amount of sugar and cream for a little luxury and some egg.

Luckily it lived up to my expectations. Seriously smooth and milky, it was pure comfort food. It's sweet and creamy but not overly so, so that it's very clean tasting. It's actually quite a good palate cleanser because it is a sweet and soothing finish to a meal rather than a high sugar hit.

The texture is spot on. It's thick but still velvety with an almost yoghurt like consistency. With subtle vanilla undertones, it's just a simple milky nursery treat. And because it's natural, real ingredients and organic, I feel it's guilt free.

Price: 75p
Available: Major supermarkets

Pros: Creamy, luxurious, organic and simple
Cons: Not as indulgent as other desserts

Score: 7.5/10

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