Tuesday, 29 April 2014

New Covent Garden Soup: Souper Green with Italian Basil Soup Review

A suddenly chill this afternoon meant I broke away from my usual lunch choice of a salad or a sandwich and instead plumped for soup. I haven't bought a New Covent Garden soup for a few years now. Pre packaged soup doesn't really appeal to me and they can be pretty high in salt. However, Covent Garden last year launched skinny soups. These not only give you 2 of your 5 (or should that be 7) a day, but also get green lights in terms of fat, sugar and salt.

This Souper green variety certainly makes a very healthy choice and was only 108 calories per half pack. It also had a very natural ingredients list containing only water, peas, leeks, courgettes, broccoli, onion, potato, green beans, spinach, pesto, butter and some seasonings.

With a very long list of vegetables in it, I had high hopes for this and hoped it would be as of high quality as the cool, bright green packaging.

Unfortunately, it didn't deliver. The soup had a very watery and thin texture that wasn't easy to eat and meant it wasn't very satisfying. I appreciated the inclusion of lots of chunks of actual veg floating in it but it was really pretty bland. The basil pesto flavour didn't come through at all and with no one dominant vegetable flavour to give it body, it was really quite weak and tasteless.

It‘s a shame because it is a genuinely healthy choice but without the enjoyment or taste element, I doubt I would buy it again.

Price: £2.20
Available: Major supermarkets

Pros: Very healthy, generous with ingredients and veg
Cons: No pesto flavoring, watery and little taste

Score: 4/10

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