Friday, 25 April 2014

Harvest Morn Milled Linseed, Gojiberries, Sunflower & Pumpkinseeds (Aldi)

Whilst I love seeing innovation from my favourite brands and think it‘s generally worth paying for them for their exciting flavour twists, I happily also eat own label brands and this Linseed with gojiberries, sunflower and pumpkinseeds from Aldi shows you don't always have to pay over the odds for something great.

I've previously paid £5.99 for linseed but this was a mere £1.99 (although it's not organic like my regular brand). I've also never seen it with gojiberries and pumpkin and sunflowerseeds included. As if linseed with its high fibre and omega content wasn't healthy enough, you get extra vitamins and minerals from the seeds and gojiberries are one of the so called 'superfoods'.

The packet gives loads of serving suggestions from adding it to salads, soups and yoghurt but I always use it on cereal or porridge. It's an extra dose of goodness in the morning, makes your breakfast more filling and adds an interesting texture.

Sprinkling this over porridge really showed off the added ingredients. There were lots of nuggets of seeds and berries nestled away in the golden sand of linseed. For £1.99, I couldn't believe how generous the inclusions were.

Stirring this into my porridge gave it a more interesting consistency. Linseed doesn't really have a flavour as such but adds a general toasty nuttiness to the porridge and the gojiberries added even more variety. It's not crunchy but makes the porridge thicker with little grains of goodness studded throughout.

Frankly, I can't believe how good it was for the price. Super healthy, tasty, filling and economical, I would happily start every day with a sprinkle of this.

Price: £1.99
Available: Aldi

Pros: Healthy, plenty of seeds and gojiberries, great value, filling
Cons: Not organic like more expensive brands

Score: 8/10

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