Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Thorntons Vanilla Fudge Review

Amongst all the chocolate, sweets don't get much of a look in over Easter but I decided to give these charming pieces of fudge a go.

In beautifully charming and whimsical packaging, the pictures bring back memories of childhood and fairgrounds. In nice pastel colours, they feel like something from a sweet shop in a bygone age.

When I opened the packet, a really sweet , creamy aroma dreamily floated out of the packet that had me salivating. I was surprised by how small the pieces of fudge were. Little golden nuggets of joy rather than clunky cubes. They would be perfect for baking with I'd imagine, as well as scoffing straight from the pack.

The fudge is made with real clotted cream and butter and this quality is evident in the eating. Really thick, rich and creamy, the fudge is soft and comforting and blissfully coats the mouth in a sweet vanilla melt. However, they are sweet so four or five pieces is enough.

Price: £1.49
Available: Thorntons, Tesco

Pros: Good quality ingredients, rich, buttery and generous portion in a pack
Cons: Very sweet so can only be eaten in small quantities

Score: 7/10

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