Saturday, 19 April 2014

Subway Oat and Raisin Cookie Review

I love to eat - all kinds of food and there is very little I dislike. Seriously little. Every day I try to taste at least one new thing or product or brand because, cliche as it is, variety is the spice of life.

I love finding new products in the supermarket, at cafes and restaurants or even specialist suppliers. I'm not a food snob but neither am I against paying a premium for something special.

I am happy to try own brand, big name brands or something from a specialist or independent or up and coming company. As long as it's tasty, exciting and a new experience, I'll appreciate it!

So I'm starting a blog to record all those tasty little treats that bring a little bit of joy and excitement to a standard day. From cereal to chocolate, spice mixes to sweets, it's all good to me.

So for my first blog, I'm going to talk about a sweet little snack from Subway - the Oat and Raisin Cookie.

Now I have clearly been living under a Subway-Cookie-less rock most of my life as I tend to always only get a sandwich from Subway - well it is what they're known for!

But today, the unit of cookies lined up in tidy rows just seemed to call to me and actually it's a fairly nice looking display with a good selection of standard chocolate variants to the more interesting raspberry cheesecake cookie.

However, I plumped for the oat and raisin Cookie in a vaguely vain attempt to keep my choice healthier. And plumped is an appropriate choice of word, considering the generous amount of juicy, oozy raisins winking at me from beneath the sandy oat biscuit.

Compared to standard supermarket in store bakery cookie offerings, Subway‘s are considerably smaller. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing. At only 191 calories and with half the sugar of a Sainsburys in store bakery oat and raisin cookie, it's a not too sinful treat.

And being smaller made for a firmer, more biscuit like texture as some cookies can be more like flapjacks. Not that this was crunchy and hard either. There was a bit of bite and munch to the edges with a buttery crumb but the middle was soft, yielding and melting. The base was also a nice dark, baked colour, providing a bit of substance and an almost crumble like texture.

With a fairly strong cinnamon and spice flavour infused within the gooey oats, the cookie also provided gentle warmth and comfort for an eat that is as cosy as an Autumn's night in. The spices also perfectly counteracted the sugar and raisins to make a treat that wasn't overly sweet.

Frankly, I'm stunned I've waited this long to try a Subway cookie and look forward to trying more of the range.

Price: 50p
Available: Subway branches

Pros: Not too unhealthy but still fairly substantial and at a good price. Nice buttery biscuit that isn't greasy. Lots of flavour and spice for a more subtle sweetness.

Cons: Not the most decadent of treats.

Score: 7/10

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