About Me

I love to eat - all kinds of food and there is very little I dislike. Seriously little. Every day I try to taste at least one new thing or product or brand because, cliche as it is, variety is the spice of life. Even just adding one new ingredient to a staple dish is enough to excite me. I just want to tantalise my tastebuds with exotic flavours and new culinary combinations.

 I love finding new products in the supermarket, at cafes and restaurants or even specialist suppliers. I'm not a food snob but neither am I against paying a premium for something special. I am happy to try own brand, big name brands or something from a specialist or independent aand up and coming company. As long as it's tasty, exciting and a new experience, I'll appreciate it!

Healthy eating is high on my agenda - kale,green smoothies, chia, I love them all and it's great to see so many new, fresh and innovative companies pioneering healthy treats. That's not to say there's not room for the odd bit of chocolate or a biscuit now and then as well!

This blog captures all those little tasty bites I aim to get everyday. Because eating is not just about fuel. It fuels the soul and body and as long as I eat well, I feel well.

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