Monday 11 April 2016

Weetabix Protein Review

I don't think anyone can have failed to notice the influx of new protein enhanced products in the supermarkets with breakfast cereals particularly getting a lot of protein offerings. Special K, Eat Natural, Fuel ...they're all at it. Weetabix have already been making footsteps into protein territory with Weetabix Protein crunch and Weetabix Protein Breakfast drinks on the go. Neither of these products have appealed to me though - a little too sugary for a breakfast offering.

Weetabix Protein however is a protein enhanced version of the usual Weetabix bricks - so a good plain cereal with minimum sugar or additives. Looking at the ingredients and nutrition, I was very impressed. The main difference to standard Weetabix is added wheat gluten, rice flour, wheat starch, wheat germ and cocoa (though there is no chocolatey taste so don't worry about this).

This translates into a product that is almost double the protein of standard Weetabix - 19g per 100g vs 10g per 100g on standard Weetabix. For a two biscuit serving you get just under 8g of protein - about the same as an egg. Add some milk to it and you're getting even more protein.

Like standard Weetabix it is also low in fat, sugar and salt so a perfect everyday breakfast. Pouring it into a bowl, I had a minor criticism in that this seemed to get more mess over the worktop trying to prise the biscuits out than standard Weetabix but I may have bought a particularly bashed up box from my Sainsburys.

Texture and taste wise I felt this was largely similar to standard Weetabix except for one addition - the protein crispies studded throughout. Even when saturated in milk, these inclusions remained crispy for a little bit more of an interesting texture when eating the biscuits.A lot of reviews said these seem to soak up more milk than normal Weetabix. I didn't really find this to be the case - maybe they need a tad more but it's not really noticeable.

I like to turn my Weetabix into mush and then make a kind of paste which I top. Weetabix is always a great blank canvas to top with whatever you want and this is no exception. Today I had strawberries and prunes on it and mixed some flaxseed in (a great source of omega 3!) but most toppings would work well here.

The Weetabix is mild and comforting in taste but as said the embedded crispies make it just a bit more interesting. What's nice about this protein cereal as well is that it contains no soy unlike a lot of protein enhanced products. Both Special K and Fuel use this in their protein cereals.

Weetabix is such a household staple that it often seems unexciting and gets forgotten about but I really enjoyed these Weetabix Protein and it's got me wanting to eat it more often. You can customise it in so many ways and it's good for you. A 2 biscuit serving is also enhanced with over 80% of your iron and contains lots of other added vitamins so also great for vegetarians who might struggle to get enough.

And the proof of the protein - I did feel slightly more full after these than maost other breakfast cereals.Filling, tasty and healthy - I would certainly buy these again

Bought at: Sainsburys
Price: £2 (on special offer)

Nutrition per 2 biscuit serving: 144 calories, 0.8g fat, 0.2g sat fat,1.9g sugar, 0.10g salt



  1. In my bowl they were chewy rather than crispy. Undecided.

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  4. Not at all keen. The texture was strange, felt like it was full of egg shells, most unpleasant compared to normal Weetabix.