Saturday 23 April 2016

Eat Natural Protein Packed Bar Review

Eat Natural isn't usually a cereal brand I go for. It's too much of a half way house between treaty, tasty cereal bars and properly healthy, nutritious ones. Eat Natural aren't as fake and artificial as things like Alpen bars or Belvita but at the same time they do have a fair bit of sugar in them. Often as much as a third of the bar.Obviously a lot of it is from natural sources like the fruit but there's also a fair whack of glucose syrup in them as well. They are also more calorific than other cereal bars. Again, this isn't necessarily bad as a refuelling option but again there are more natural and nutritious products like Trek bars, which I would rather use after the gym.

However, this protein packed version caught my high. Sugar content is much better with this - 10g a bar and this a pretty big and substantial bar as well, It also contains 10g of protein per bar, which is kind of the main attraction for me. It seemed like a good snack before the gym this evening - protein and filling too boot.

The ingredients is pretty clean - all things I recognise and that are pretty natural. It's obviously a high quality bar with lots of more premium ingredients - 45% of it is peanuts rather than the bulk coming from cheap flour like most cereal bars. 12% dark chocolate is also a nice touch espeically as it's proper dark chocolate containing more cocoa mass than sugar). Coconut flakes add a bit more interest and there's some soya protein crispies to add to the protein from the peanuts.

It's certainly a good sized bar and looks chocolatey without looking overly so and sickly sweet. One thing that is very noticeable about this bar is that is a lot tougher and solid versus other Eat Natural bars. It's certainly not a chewy bar and actually you need to work your jaw just to even bite into it. I didn't mind this as it adds to the substantial feel of the bar but I think this would put people off.

Taste wise, as it is so solid (partly due to being nearly half made of peanuts) it is also a lot drier than other Eat Natural bars with the chocolatey hit being more cocoaey with hits of dark chocolate now and then rather than being indulgent or meltingly chocolatey.

I enjoyed the bar and would have them again before the gym as it did fill me up and stop me snacking beforehand. It's not the tastiest Eat Natural but it is also less sugary and a good protein hit versus the others so it depends on what is most important to you.

Bought at: Whole Foods Market
Nutrition per bar: 215 calories, 13.3g fat, 4.7g sat fat, 9.8g sugars, 10g protein, 0.2g salt

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