Tuesday 16 September 2014

Rude Health Bircher Muesli

Wow, wow and wow - sorry to be upfront but this gets the first 10/10 I've ever given. I've always liked the Rude Health granolas and mueslis with their lower sugar content and because they are chock full of all kinds of natural goodness like seeds and nuts. Bircher muesli is probably my absolute favourite breakfast (although porridge comes a close second!). It's creamy, soft, smooth and sweet and frankly tastes like a dessert if it came from a health spa.

This is the first 'dry' packet Bircher muesli I've ever seen. The original recipe from the Swiss Dr Bircher called for simply oats, yoghurt and a little grated apple to make a comforting invalid's breakfast. Rude Health have upped the fruitiness and modernised it with some apple, raisins and banana. This lends it a delicious sweetness in every mouthful that is tantalising rather than a full on sugar hit or sickliness.

Homemade Bircher muesli requires leaving it to steep overnight but Rude Health have finely ground the oats. This means it absorbs milk like a sponge, quickly and conveniently giving you something thick and creamy without all the hassle and preparation.

It tastes absolutely gorgeous - thick, indulgent but also healthy. I improved it even more with a little bit of trail mix for a real sense and taste explosion to kick start my morning. As a box of cereal, it also makes it cheaper than buying the Bircher mueslis you get in the yoghurt aisle as well. Sad as it sounds but I'm aready looking forward to tomorrow morning so I can eat it again!


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