Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Popchips Multipack

This will be very brief as the title pretty sums up everything about this product. I absolutely love Popchips - they have such a light, crunchy texture that really does pop in the mouth. Deliciously savoury with a good salty kick and yet under 100 calories a bag for something that feels substantial and not too airy.

I've always thought they should do a multipack and now they do. There's nothing new here but it means I can keep a supply of healthier snacks in the house or stock up on them to take to work. Buying them like this also makes the cost of individual bags cheaper. I also love how they come in a card box rather than the bags you usually get for multipack crisps. Not only does it look so much cooler and really makes them stand out, it also protects the individual bags inside much better - keeping my precious Popchips intact!

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