Monday, 23 February 2015

Balocco Cacao Snack Wafers

I'm a complete coffee nut. I'm not someone who drinks loads or thrives off it but I love coffee house experiences. Rather than drinking multiple cups of instant a day, I prefer to just have one really authentic proper coffee and enjoy it as a relaxing moment.

Products like this Balocco Snack Wafer are perfect for relaxing with a creamy capuccino at home as they help create an even more authentic coffee house experience. Having made a nice capuccino using properly steamed milk with my coffee maker, this seemed a natural accompaniment - I could have been at Caffe Nero or somewhere similar.

I absolutely also love continental products - amaretti, cantuccini and all those lovely little morsels seem so sophisticated and perfect for taking a break. These again just look so right paired with a cappuccino and they taste so right too!

In each pack, there is 8 petite little wafers so are the right size for sharing or as the whole pack is 45g perfect for one as well. I went for four.

The biscuits are three crispy, airy wafers sandwiching a chocolate filling. Although the chocolate layer looks quite thin, it is so creamy you get a real cocoa hit. The wafers are dreamily light and their delicate texture complements the filling. They're utterly delicious whether eaten on their own or dipped in a coffee.

When dipped the chocolate becomes just that extra bit smoother and sublime and the wafers are meltingly soft. They still keep their shape and crispiness but just become that extra bit treaty. I absolutely loved these - perfect for recreating continental coffee moments.

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