Saturday, 18 February 2017

Waitrose Kiwi Avocado and Matcha Tea Yogurt - Waitrose Vegetable Yogurts

I've been waiting a while for vegetable yogurts to start hitting the shelves in the UK. It's been a thing in the US for a while now but may be starting to hit our shores. We had the Skyr yogurts with veg last year but these were fairly tame - Apple, ginger and carrot and Beetroot and rhubarb.

Waitrose's new range of yogurts with vegetables are much more extreme. There's

Apple, Carrot, Beetroot and Ginger
Carrot, Mango and Guarana
Pineapple, Butternut Squash and Turmeric
Kiwi, Avocado and Matcha Tea

These are still more sweet yogurts than savoury with 11% kiwi vs 5% avocado but for a flavoured yogurt the sugar is lower at 9.5% when some brands like Onken or Yeo Valley are typically around 13%. And with 11% kiwi fruit there's more fruit than most fruit yogurts too.

It's a pretty cool bright green in my option and the consistency is good. It's runny and moves around when you tilt the pot so not as thick as greek yogurt but it is still plesantly creamy and rich in the mouth. It's got a really unusual flavour which I loved - definitely not as sweet as normal yogurt with a real sharpness and acidity which is aided by lime juice. It's sharp and fresh tasting but not savoury.

I wouldn't say this was for everyone. It's not mainstream tasting but it's unusual with a real complex flavour that I loved. The matcha tea is a bit of red herring - it's such a small amount you can't taste it and you won't get much of its benefits but this is something I would make a trip specifically to Waitrose for. I'd still like to see the sugar content reduced down further but it's a pretty healthy product overall with 6g of protein and added vitamin D giving you 31% of your daily vitamin D which is great with yogurt to help absorb the calcium in it.

Definitely a range I'm keen to explore.

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