Sunday, 11 December 2016

Tesco Spekulatious Thins Cinnamons Review

I'd say speculoos biscuits are pretty well known in the UK now, whether its Ben and Jerrys or jars of spread, this lovely spicy sweet mix is making it's way into everything. But it all originates with the humble speculoos biscuit and in my mind, much as I could eat the stuff all year, it's really meant for cold, dark winter days and especially Christmas!

 Tesco's thins are out as part of their Christmas range and despite the odd bit of breakage in the box, look very attractive with a nice simple design and a nice thin shape. Just opening the pack is unleashing the scents of Christmas and is really warming.  Lots of cinnamon, cloves and ginger.

What's really nice about these is, for a sweet treat, they're very light. With all the mince pies, cakes, biscuits, rich dinners, parties and nibbles, sometimes when you have a sweet craving you just want something a little less guilty and at just 29 calories each, they're perfect when you want a Christmassy treat with a hot drink without going into full on indulgence.

Although thin they are fairly large, so you do feel you're getting a proper biscuit and they go so well with coffee (particularly if you have a festive one like the new Nespresso limited edition Christmas pods). They have a nice crisp texture that isn't overly hard or brittle and the lovely festive scents come through in the taste as well with a quite strong ginger and cinnamon festive flavour.

Perfect for a sweet nibble with a coffee or even tea and not as heavy as most of the other tr

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